IMG_4233 - CopyHello!

It’s so good to know there are others like me out there, just browsing, searching for something more meaningful, something Sacred.

I do it too!  I anticipate Beauty all the time!  And God is gracious and colors Sacred for me whenever I choose to see things through His eyes.

However, I must admit that far too often, I’m just flat-out too busy or dog-tired or wrapped up in my own thoughts to appreciate it.

My name is Heather and although I try, most of the time, I just don’t get it right.  Case in point: I think my name means an Irish flower and it sounds so lovely.  Searching deeper, however, I discover the more accurate meaning … “a flowering shrub”.  Ugh!  A shrub!  I shake my head and let it hang.  Nope, didn’t get that right either.

God is humorous and I laugh with Him.  He reminds me … I am merely a shrub apart from Him—stunted, unattractive, and undesirable.

It is not what I had thought, but it’s not where He leaves me either.  He allows me to see through shrub into Sacred. Experiencing Sacred means there’s something more—there’s that flowering part, the transforming part that produces blooms in His Presence, the healing part that paints a splash of lilac on dull.  And it’s definitely the Grace-giving part that shares Sacred with me despite my shrubby, not-getting-it-right, self.

It is God, the Person I believe in, that Beautiful One who is Three in One, who has power to save and heal and transform anything … or anybody!

He’s the One who shares Sacred in sour trash.

And lavishes Love in laundry baskets.

And moves me in the mundane.

He shows up in the simplest ways.  The grandest.  From a leaf drifting quiet, treetop to soil, or that last sliver of light come nightfall to the painted span of peacock's wild dress and water's roar against unforgiving cliffs.

He's everywhere if we're aware!

I see Him in the old man's gnarled up fingers and the glassy eyes of the tired cashier and the stumbling toddler with saggy pants.

He's everywhere.  And I want to be aware!

He’s the One I long to encounter every moment of every day, who reveals Himself when I am vulnerable, enlightens when I am exposed, and saves when I am surrendered.

He’s the One who makes me continually thankful.

Creator and Lover of all souls, He is the Sacred One, that Sacred Word (John 1:5).  And I am honored to have an offering of words to give to The Word, an offering He gives me.

I believe that Word entered our world to save us from it, that He became our failures so we weren’t enslaved to them, and that He nailed our shame to two wooden crossbeams to free us of it once and for all.

I believe Jesus is God's perfect gift, His Son, our Savior, and that The Holy Spirit joins them in perfect Unity, a Tri-Unity that takes residence within the souls of man.

And I believe the Holy Bible is His story, God's unique, personal love letter to us, a story of redemption from cover to cover, a saving Gospel of Grace.

It has been this Grace who has kissed my face and wiped my tears, who has poured Living Water into my heart’s pool of thirst, and who has met me in my darkest hour, providing Hope. My greatest pain and greatest blessing are one in the same because of this Grace … this amazing, Holy Grace.

And through Him we are given a gift of words that if used well—written, spoken, signed, texted, typed, in all manner and form—have power to breathe life into others.

Thus this place … a Sacred Experience … my love letters back to Him, inspired by Him and for Him … and for you!  My gift to the world, such a small gift I'm afraid, but one of love.

I consider it our journey together that He's in charge of, taking us all deeper.

So Welcome!  And thank you!

I’m so glad you’ve decided to join the “shrubby” likes of me and experience something … very Sacred.



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