IMG_2273revisedThis is the part where I'm supposed to list all my credentials and sound impressive (in the third person, mind you). But it's just not like that. I'll give you a run-down of things, in case you want to know, but the only thing I can boast of is what God has done in my life. If not for His great love, I would not even be typing this today. 

With that said,  my name is Heather, I'm married to the transformed love of my life, Lucas, and we make our home in Longview, Texas. We have two amazing sons, Dillon and Dalton, whom God strategically used to make me a much better person, and who married two beautiful brides, Jenn and Molly, respectively. What an honor to have these incredible young ladies a part of our family!

When the boys were young teenagers, God graced us with a daughter, Shaina Hope, who turned out to be a saving grace and a joyful hope, literally. Shaina is now a young teenager herself, and I wonder where time really goes.

I earned a Master of Physical Therapy degree from Texas Tech University and for many years enjoyed a wonderful career helping others overcome physical challenges. Over time, however, God called me to pursue a seminary education. And then He called me to homeshool our daughter. I earned a Graduate Certification in Women's Ministry while attending New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. And homeschooling—undoubtedly, the last thing I ever thought I'd be doing—has now become a way of life and one of my highest priorities.

Having overcome some significant personal challenges allows me to inspire and encourage others and to teach them how God's Word applies to our lives today. Teaching, speaking, and writing are extensions of my desire to grow spiritually and to motivate others in their growth as well.  I spent years searching for "something more" and ironically, found it through a life-altering tragedy. Now, I can say that my greatest pain and greatest blessing are one in the same. And I believe through difficulty there is opportunity, through failures, flourishing Life.  No question, it's all in the perspective.

My greatest desire for this website is to point its readers to the One who loves them most and to share many sacred experiences together!


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