Made for Something More

True Beauty with pink letters

We were all made for more you know.

There’s this pulling-and-releasing Spirit thing inside each of us. Tugging us to fall into His plan and releasing our frustrations when we do.

I feel it through pecking fingertips on dusty keyboard, watch it unfold right in front of me and come together like wrapping gifts of words.

Such a relief.  Like a soul white-washing, like scrubbing away misplaced passion, distraction, dissatisfaction.

It’s this innate desire to pick up ink and make a paper messy with it, to make it clean and smooth. 

But time just ticks away and when is there any ticking left to type? 

We all have them . . .  those God-given longings that are the real of us—that want to reveal themselves through us because they’re in us. 

Those things our souls crave.

Things we want to explore, develop, master, because Creator breathed them into us and we can only ignore them as long as we ignore who we truly are, who we were uniquely fashioned to be.

But we dismiss it thinking: This is what I have to do to make more money or live the “good” life or give these kids something better or do what I’m supposed to do in society. 

We become something God never intended trying to fit into culture’s mold and make a name for ourselves in a persuasive world with all its productive citizens. 

We thumb through magazines, channels, and stations, scroll through iPads and iPhones, let convincing media trickle into God-space and then decide we must do this or that in order to prove to ourselves, or to everyone else, that we’re okay, that we’ve  got this thing figured all out.  

And it’s not the most popular thing admitting instead of having it figured out we might be floundering about!  Might be getting it all wrong!

Admitting means we might have to do something different. Means it just might require some change. And well, let’s just admit that too while we’re at it . . . Change?  It’s really not that easy.

Ignoring is simpler and easier, not so complicated—the least resistant path.

So the dreamer shoves his dreams back in a box, the dancer tucks her pretty shoes up under the bed, the pianist closes the sacred lid, and a writer scrambles hurriedly out the door, words lost forever.

It is Beauty pushed back into keeping-up-with-the-Joneses recesses.  It is Glory suppressed with folks glued to glossy magazines, scrolling senseless hours on Facebook, or working ridiculously long nights at the office to make just one more sale before the month is over so that one-week vacation next year will go off without a hitch.

We spend so much time trying to fit into culture’s mold that we forfeit our true identities, ignore our true purposes, become what we think we are supposed to be—or what everyone else wants us to be—instead of what we’re meant to be, what we're created to be.  And all the while the clock keeps ticking.

But tonight, a calling that’s held its stolen breath is heard, grabs my spirit and shakes it loose.   

So I grab this moment and shake some words from sacred depths, sprinkle them out so they'll land wherever His breath chooses to blow them.

I release what’s trying to escape even if it’s squished hard and pressed firm between other things begging attention, even it robs precious sleep, even if I’m not sure it makes much a difference.

Yeah, dreamers need to dream big and never wake up to a world’s “reality.”  Because the world’s reality is about like all those reality shows—a going nowhere waste of time! 

But God has His own reality and He says . . .

Follow Me and I’ll give you a full and abundant life.  (John 10:10b)

Let My reality become yours and experience some amazing things! (Eph. 3:20)

Seek My plan and purpose, not your own.  Not some unrealistic Hollywood version or politically correct or social-media idea—all mere Spirit smothering illusions. (Prov. 3:5-6, 14:12)

Embrace the real you—the you I designed; offer it to others, not what you think they expect of you.  (Ps. 149:14-16, Eph. 2:10)

Fill your ticking with My assignments instead of thinking they’d be a waste of time or that you’ve got too many more important things to do. (Eph. 5:16-17)

Use your unique gifts to make this world a much more beautiful place, a more sacred place. And watch exciting change unfold.  Watch your life light up with My Glory.  (1 Peter 4:10, Matt. 5:14-16)


So I write.  I type.  I rest in this.  I embrace the One who hung words in my heart like stars in the sky—deliberately, purposefully, wonderfully.

And a clocks ticks and time stands still . . . and Beauty finds its way Home.   



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